Clean drinking water is a basic human need and human right

The Pure Water Project focuses specifically on rural villages in India where access to clean, safe drinking water is limited.
We tackle one village at a time.
We actively involve the local community in the implementation process to provide an adequate and sustainable supply of drinking water.
Our program is technical, educational and humanitarian focusing on water access, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, waste disposal and hygiene.
Our method involves working closely with local governments and organizations:
  • Work with local governments to identify water sources and needs
  • Partner with the local community for project planning, implementation, supervision, and oversight (such as acquiring contractual bids, governance, and transparency)
  • Partner with local non-profit organizations and relevant government authorities for local manpower, local suppliers, and technical expertise and participation
  • Train the local community in water conservation, proper water use, and maintenance and repair of water equipment (filters, pipes, taps, etc)
  • Partner with the local communities to develop micro-financing projects and strategies to ensure sustainability